Dr. Daniel G. Morjal  

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing since 2006. I have provided therapy services in multiple settings to a wide variety of clientele including adolescents, adults, couples, and families. In addition to therapeutic services, I also teach about numerous mental health/illness topics to Law Enforcement Officers.

Often times the ‘right’ decision is not an easy one and this includes the decision to start therapy. It is frequently thought of as a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have found a psychologist that suits your needs, you will likely find feeling better is closer than you thought. My approach to psychotherapy focuses on thoughtfulness, humor, and balance, all without judgment.


Sometimes it may seem like our emotions, thoughts, or behaviors have more control over us than we do over them. We can work to reinstate you as the one in control and enjoy the stability and serenity that comes with it. Together, lets set out to make the you that you want to be a reality.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

The stressors of a career in Public Safety are many and often take their toll at home, at work, and on one’s overall view of the world. Many times it seems that those who do not share your occupation simply do not understand. There are some who do and, working together, we can bring the balance back.

Couples & Families

Lets be honest, maintaining a relationship is hard work. Maintaining an intimate relationship is even more difficult. Keeping things happy and healthy with your partner is an active process. I can help you be part of that process. Whether it be moving from hearing to listening, arguing to discussing, or the multitude of layers in between, a more satisfying relationship can be a reality.

Aging & Caregivers

Getting older doesn’t have to suck. It’s too bad not everyone shares that opinion. However, when confronted with personal, professional, or health losses, it can seemingly squeeze every last bit of positive emotion out of you. Whether you are experiencing these losses yourself or are caring for a loved one who is, we can work together to shine a light on happiness that, as it turns out, has been there all along.