I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and have been practicing since 2006. In addition to providing therapy to adults, teens, couples, families, and those impacted by cancer, I also have a forensic practice where I conduct various evaluations for the court. 

It is a privilege to work with each and every client and I recognize the courage that it takes to begin therapy. Selecting the right psychologist can be difficult and I encourage you to seek out the one that feels like the best fit for your needs. I believe with the right support, each person can enhance his or her own interpersonal relationships. I practice unconditional positive regard and attempt to balance humor with the occasional, yet necessary, curse word. Psychotherapy should not be a mystery and I try to make the process as comfortable and as real as possible.


It is my experience that unattended feelings have an awful way of lurking and reappearing, causing distress and unhappiness. Together, lets gain more control, and start finding some relief and clarity. Regardless of what “issues” you have, collaboratively we can make improvements and the result is a newer, more confident, happier, you.

Couples & Families

Do you want to improve your communication and intimacy with your partner? I can help you to learn how to effectively communicate, and argue if necessary, and to begin actually HEARING your partner’s feelings and concerns. Lets increase your trust and enhance your connectedness with your partner.

Cancer Caretakers & Survivors

"F" cancer. It has its way of damaging much of everything in its path. Being a caretaker of someone with cancer brings along extra burdens that often go overlooked. Whether you are the caretaker or the fighter, you need support. I would be honored to walk with you through this struggle.


I am an In Network Provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. If you have any other insurance, I would be considered an Out of Network Provider. This is typical and painless. Payments would be made to me directly and I will provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance for partial or full reimbursement. I will help walk you through this process.

Scheduling and Cancellation of Appointments

If we both decide I am the best person to provide the services you need in order to meet your treatment goals, then we will schedule appointments at a mutually convenient time. There is a 24 hour advance notice of cancellation policy.

Accessibility and Emergencies

I strive to return phone calls within 24 hours. Typically, I am unable to answer phone calls during work, as I am busy attending to clients. I encourage you to leave a detailed voicemail and I will return the call as soon as I am able. In case of emergencies please call 9-1-1. If I will be unavailable for an extended time, I will provide you with the name of a colleague to contact, if necessary.